Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Date with Yunz

Hello everyone,

Our dear old Yunli is back for a limited time only. Although Yunz is having her 21st bday bash on 15th Feb, she has indicated that she would prefer a separate outing with us! Therefore Yunz has cordially invited us to her house for CNY! Check the details below:

Venue: Yunz's House (near Nee Soon Camp hehehe...)

Date: 9th Feb (this Saturday!)

Time: from late morning onwards, preferably ending before evening.

Please confirm your attendance with Powrabbit via sms. Meanwhile, please RSVP Yunz for her bday bash by 11th Feb. *wait for you all*

Monday, December 24, 2007


Hi all!

HOHOHO Merrrrrrry Chrrrrristmas!

hehehe this is the final food list:

Food (Quantity)
1) Raw Otah (50--min)
2) Chicken Satay (50--min)
3) Mutton Satay (50--min)
4) Satay Sauce (1pkt)
5) Buffalo Wing (30-min)
6) Chicken Chipolata Sausage aka Da Hotdog (20)
7) Sambal Stingray (20pkt)
8) Sambal Sotong (20pkt)
9) Cheesy Fresh Button Mushroom (1box--min)
NO sweet potato (jy: sobsob)
11) Marshmallow (2pkts)
NO garlic bread. (wk: sobsob)

*min= minimum

we realised there must be 100 sticks of satay coz if we only have 50, each person gets to eat ONLY THREE sticks! *faints

$14/pax (please remember to bring your $$$$ and pay WK on the 29th!!!! If you forget, we will send Da Hotdogs after you! Be warned. hehehe.)

We have ordered a large disposable bbq pit for the wet weather plan. If it rains, we will bbq in the shelter. If it doesn't, we can still use it anyway: to hasten the bbq process and to allow more ppl to bbq at any one time.

THANKS to everyone for your enthusiastic response and constructive feedback! =]]]]]
See all of you on the 29th! *winks

signing off,
wk, jy (and Santa Claus)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

10 days to 04S73 BBQ PARTY!

Confirmed Attendees:
ChoonSiang Hoohoo Yiwen Chengjie Liting Yuanyi Jieying Hailing Jaspar Wanxin AlvinLow AlvinSoon Weisi Mollie Mingzhen Weikiat

Proposed Food Items (from BBQ wholesale caterer):
Food (Quantity)
1) Raw Otah (50)
2) Chicken Satay (50)
3) Mutton Satay (50)
4) Satay Sauce (1pkt)
5) Buffalo Wing (30)
6) Chicken Chipolata Sausage aka Da Hotdog (20)
7) Sambal Stingray (30pkt)
8) Sambal Sotong (20pkt)
9) Cheesy Fresh Button Mushroom (1box)
10) Jap Sweet Potato (10)
11) Marshmallow (2pkts)
12) Garlic Bread Toasts (20)

Estimated Budget:
$15-$16/pax (including utensils/charcoal etc from bbqwholesale and drinks)

Do you guys think the food is sufficient? Feel free to give us your suggestions by replying to this post in 'comments' by this weekend (23rd Dec)!!!

To those who didn't reply to confirm your attendance, we still welcome you to join us =]]]
(you also have to pay lar, of coz. hehehe)
But do inform us tt you're comin k! :)

jy, wk

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Time/place to meet:
-2pm at Marine Cove MacDonald (the only Macs in ECP) for those who are blading/ kayaking/ cycling
-For the others, meet us at the pit (we will start bbq at around 6pm)

Pre-BBQ recreation:
-Blading, kayaking, cycling etc (split up)

-To be ordered from
-Everything, including tongs, charcoal, wiregauze etc will also be provided by the caterer
-Note that it will be a little bit more expensive than getting our own food from supermarket, but it is very CONVENIENT! (If we go shopping for food, we can't blade/kayak in the afternoon!)

Please RSVP (via SMS to WK or JY) by 16th Dec 07 (Sunday) to confirm your attendance for the BBQ so that we know how many da hotdogs and xiao hotdogs to order =]

Wk and JY =]]

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hey people!

Wonder if any of you are interested to go kayak together before the BBQ! It will be FUN!

Anyone interested? We can just meet earlier, kayak, then if needed, go shop for materials after that, since kayak is only until 6pm.

Missing the centre of the sea,
Wan Xin

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Yo peeps!

With Jaspar, I had booked the BBQ pit last Sunday for our gathering!

Date: 29th December 2007 (Saturday)

Venue: East Coast Park (Area Code: D, Pit No.: 37)

Below is the map for the location of our pit!

*please click to see a clearer picture

Okay that's all for now! To all girls and guys (in med), all the best for your upcoming exams!

Cya all soon! =)


Saturday, October 20, 2007


Hi all, note the change in date =]
Please reserve this saturday for a night of yummy food, fun, crap and claps with your dear ex-classmates.
bu jian bu san! *wait for you*

JY n WK =]]]